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3 crucial steps to pinpoint food and lifestyle vibe killers to thrive in your busy schedule!

Are you busy but

 struggling to thrive?

As busy multitaskers ourselves, we can relate when you say you have ZERO time to waste! However, what do we do when our body decides to send us a cease and desist in the MIDDLE of our circus of a schedule? Hear us out!

Our bodies have a way of letting us know that something in our daily routine is suspect, and often time, this manifests as debilitating symptoms that give us no choice but to STOP. 

Chronic fatigue, lackluster workouts, migraines, occasional diarrhea, yep, we have been there! But what if we could build a roadmap to determine what could be holding us back?

Join us for a FREE BRAND-NEW, 3-DAY WORKSHOP happening Feb 1st-3rd where we will breakdown the 3 most crucial steps to help you pinpoint food and lifestyle vibe killers so you can thrive in your busy life!
FREE Workshop | Feb 1st-3rd

Our Workshop is for those tired of…


Feeling overly tired


Dieting with no real outcomes


Dealing with chronic headaches and migraines


Occasional diarrhea interrupting your day


Extreme bloating


Disturbed and poor quality sleep


Weight fluctuations


Brain fog that is reducing your productivity


Lack of focus


Feeling one step away from thriving in your life due to your health

In our FREE workshop | Feb 1st-3rd

We will teach you

How to identify and validate your symptoms to better understand your health and nutrition
how to pinpoint if common trigger foods and lifestyle habits are the roots of your problem
How to develop a plan to tackle your struggles and find solutions that actually work!
FREE workshop | Feb 1st-3rd


DAY 1 (Feb 1st @ 6:30 pm CT): Unveil the problem – Identifying if the symptoms that are holding you back are something to unpack
DAY 2 (Feb 2nd @ 6:30 pm CT): Tagging the triggers –  Identifying common hidden food and lifestyle triggers that could add stress tax on the body
DAY 3 (Feb 3rd @ 6:30 pm CT): Find a solution – What can you do to tackle your vibe killers and function at your highest level

Organic Energy Workshop








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