This 6-week group program is here to inspire weight-neutral and sustainable nutrition habit change that ignites workouts, boosts energy, and strengthens your relationship with food through science-based education, personalized meal planning, and community.


A stronger, better you

Without a fad diet, detox tea, or any expensive supplements. Join the WholeosmeU To master weight-neutral and sustainable nutrition habit change that ignites your workouts, boosts your energy, and strengthens your relationship with food.

“just tell me what to eat”

You’re muscling up the courage to go to the gym regularly…but your progress is slow…icebergs are moving faster than your PRs.

You crush a workout, come home STARVING…and have no CLUE what you’re supposed to eat…keto? Paleo? Gluten-free?

Friends keep telling you about this supplement or that shake…and you don’t know if you actually need them…your wallet sure doesn’t. 

You wonder if you need sports drinks…or if they have too much sugar?

You open the fridge, stare at the wilting spring greens, feel the overwhelm bubble up…only to close the fridge and order something on DoorDash.

Deciding what to eat – and when – can feel so dang confusing.


Are your meals fueling your best workouts…or holding you back?

How would you like to see your life – and your workouts – be different six weeks from now?

While we can’t promise that leg day will ever become easy, we know that optimal nutrition has the potential to help you to feel more energetic at the gym, sleep better at night, and be able to focus at work. 

If you don’t make changes…you won’t see changes. 

Nutrition is a powerful lever to pull to improve your life, inside the gym…and out! WholesomeU can help you pull it off.

The Benefits

Here’s a glimpse into your future…


Smarter fueling before, during, and after workouts


Transformed relationship with food


Improved body confidence


More strength and endurance (and faster recovery)


Better focus and sleep


A blueprint to make meals and snacks that you love (and you feel good eating)

All of this is possible.

THE WholesomeU gets you there in six short weeks.

Let’s dive into what you get

5 on-demand modules

Five modules of easy-to-understand nutrition infomation.

$237 VALUE
Group coaching calls

Three live coaching sessions with a registered dietitian to get your questions answered – fast.

$567 VALUE
A custom meal plan

Know exactly what to eat to achieve your goals – and feel good, too. Your meal plan is interactive, customized to your taste preferences and includes the recipes! Plus: you can order your groceries directly from the app!

$197 VALUE
Community Group Chat

No one wants to go at anything alone–and you won’t have to! Connect with other members of our program in a safe judgement-free space to share wins and get support when you need it the most.

Chatbox office hours

Wish you could text an expert to get answers fast? During our chatbox office hours, you’ll be able to send us your questions so that you can get your expert answers, fast.

$397 VALUE
1:1 Dietitian consultation

Upon completion of the 6-week program, you’ll have the opportunity to have a private appointment with our registered dietitian; you’ll be able to celebrate your progress so far and make a personalized game plan to continue the momentum. We’ll help you to create changes that stick!

$147 VALUE

There is no single program that will work for everyone; WholesomeU helps you to discover and implement the personalized nutrition program that best suits your metabolism, lifestyle, and training goals…including your favorite indulgences.

what’s holding you back?

when we ask our clients what’s stopping them from eating better, we hear the same things over and over again:

They feel confused about what to eat (and when).

They don’t know what diet to follow…they haven’t found anything that works long-term or fits into their real life with their career and other priorities

Their cravings feel out of control. 

They are tired of the yo-yo of trying a new diet, getting burnt out and returning to the same ‘ole habits.

They want to feel stronger and faster at the gymbut are bonking instead.

Imagine having endless energy and fast recovery...without spending hours in the kitchen (or a bajillion dollars on fancy nutrition products)!

What you’ll learn in your wholesomeu membership

Five jam-packed modules of tools, techniques, and evidence-based information that you can trust. 

Content is released on a weekly basis; this gives you a winning combo of flexibility and accountability to actually get it done.


MODULE ONE: the Basics

Establish your foundational knowledge about nutrition and your health.

  • Measure your own health baseline (it’s way more than just your weight)
  • Learn the importance of nutrition to your best performance
  • What diet culture is (and why it’s gotta go)


Learn how to fuel your body before, during, and after your workout.

  • Confidently know what to eat, and when.
  • Avoid super common mistakes
  • Establish new habits
  • …And start enjoying better results

MODULE TWO: understanding

Your best life won’t happen by accident…neither will your best performance. In this module, we’ll cover 

  • Unveiling your habits, who you are, and who you want to be
  • What systems support your best performance in and out of the gym
  • …and how to get them in place

MODULE four: Leveraging

Learn how to maximize the power of nutrition to prepare menus and meals that fit your lifestyle and are personalized to your preferences.

  • How to personalize your meal plan to suit your real life
  • How to increase variety in your weekly meals
  • How to cut meal prep time down to keep you going week after week

MODULE FIVE: Thoughtful Tactics

Your brain can be your biggest ally…but not if you’re constantly feeling overwhelmed, anxious and confused. In this module, you’ll learn

  • Stress management tactics that really work
  • How much rest you really need (and how to get better sleep)
  • How to stay mindful when your days feel like chaos
  • How to smartly unveil the core of you cravings

On top of all that, you’re also going to get access to a curated bonus suite to take you to the finish line faster…

You’re Unique. You’re totally awesme.
and you need a personalized nutrition training program that serves your nutrition needs, goals, and lifestyle.

WholesomeU is everything you need to:

Eat what you love (and love how you feel)

Catapult your energy with your favorite foods

Discover how to eat to support your training using our BUILT Blueprint!

wholesomeu is the nutrition program for regular people to do better

fuel their workouts – and their life – each and every day. 

“My body felt good after just one week”


WholesomeU member

“The meal plan created for me has become a complete lifestyle change I learned to optimize my nutrition for improved performance and quick recovery”


WholesomeU member

program details

here’s exactly how this works:

  1. Once you sign up, you will (complete your health profile and let us know your meal preference (we won’t force you to eat broccoli if you hate it)
  2. Then you’ll get an invite to Eatlove to complete your 3 day food journal so that a dietitian to can provide some feedback on what you’re doing well (bravo!) and what might serve you better
Week 1
  1. You’ll get to know  the program and how to use all of the resources. You’ll have access to more than 10 videos, 25 blogs with audio, printable handouts, activities, and assessments. 
  2. We will get to know one another via our chat 
  3. You will get your hands on your personalized meal plan via EatLove
Week 2-6
  1. Modules will get released each week 
  2. You’ll set new goals each week
  3. You’ll join sessions with your dietitian every other week

During this time you will also be in direct communications with your coach to help keep you motivated, focused and on track to crush your goals

After the program

We meet 1:1 to reflect and determine next steps

six weeks of awesomeness

You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money-back guarantee

For any reason, if you’re not 100% satisfied with WholesomeU, we want to make it right. You have 14 days to let us know that this just isn’t working out. And hey, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. If you decide that this isn’t a good fit within our 14-day trial period, we’ll offer you a full refund.

Are we a good fit?

Should you join WholesomeU? Is this program right for you? We’re looking for a particular type of person, and you might be a match.

Let’s find out.


  • You’re curious about how to better fuel your body
  • You value expert guidance (we have a Registered Dietitian on the team!)
  • You enjoy community support
  • You’re ready for more energy during your workouts
  • …and faster recoveries
  • You are committed to improving your performance
  • …but not too serious

The module covering cheat meals was exactly what I needed; it set me free


WholesomeU member

the details

Frequently Asked Questions

We love it when potential clients ask us questions – even hard ones – before working with us. 

We are just as invested in your nutrition and fitness goals as you are and want to make sure you are working with the best possible fit for your needs and goals.

🍎 How long is the WholesomeU program?

Six weeks.

🍎 Where does WholesomeU take place??

Online! WholesomeU is 100% virtual.

🍎 Can I follow the program if I am a vegetarian?

Yes – with our included meal planning software and expert support, you’ll be able to create your own personalized eating plan no matter how you prefer to eat – even gluten-free and dairy-free, and vegetarian.

🍎 How can I ask questions?

We’ve got you! We’re available for support during our live coaching calls, via the messenger function of our app, and you’re always welcome to drop us an email.

🍎 Do you recommend pre-workout supplements, protein shakes, sports drinks, etc?

In WholesomeU, we guide you through a food-first philosophy that offers you the most nutrition without breaking the bank. While these products offer convenience, they don’t always follow through on their promises to improve your performance. And some even have ingredients that are unsafe…even banned! We walk you through picking the best products in the program.

Our Story

Why we created the wholesomeu

Hi! We are Briana Butler and Stefanie Gilbreath: retired professional basketball players, co-founders of PowerPortions, and creators of WholesomeU. We are also your biggest nutrition advocates.

We created WholesomeU based on our own experiences as professional athletes and years of experience helping busy and active millennials just like you!

We have seen the power nutrition has played in our own performance and want our clients to feel in control, just like we do. No more overwhelm, thank you very much. 

Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With WholesomeU, you’ll feel well equipped to navigate a society that is a minefield of diets, detox teas, and products that you don’t actually need. 

Ready to maximize your fitness efforts by creating a strong nutrition foundation?

want more?

Looking for something more hands-on?

Our Wholesome Refine program is built to provide more customized and 1-to-1 support to help you diel in with more prcision and accountability.

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