Wholesome Refine

A 4-pillar program that teaches you how to find clarity on your health journey and achieve sustainable health progress in an inclusive, enjoyable, sustainable and diet-free way. No more guessing – a plan unique to your body and a full team of support. 

Wholesome Refine

Built for a better you!

We coach our clients to implement personalized behavior change strategies to achieve sustainable and realistic health change while decreasing cravings, feelings of deprivation and cycles of overeating. Ultimately, we help our clients to feel their best while living full and vibrant lives.

Before we get going… 

I want to share a little about a client’s journey because no matter what you are dealing with, we want you to know there is hope…

Having worked with other dietitians and been apart of other nutrition programs Power Portions sets themselves apart with communication and accountability. Having one on one time and being able to be open about my progress has made sticking to a nutrition plan much easier as I have gained the tools to succeed in the real world. Applying these tools I was successfully able to go on vacation eat the foods that I wanted and not feel guilty about my decisions. If you are looking for one on one attention and a group of people who care about your progress choosing Power Portions is right for you.


Coaching Client

The Benefits

Join the club!

You caught that right? She reached goals she never would have imagined, achieved sustainable change, and never felt isolated, and we can help you do the same. How would it feel to:


Achieve health without feeling deprived?


Feel good in your clothes (and in your own skin)?


Reduce cravings and cycles of overeating?


Be able to fearlessly enjoy the foods that you love?


Improve health & lab parameters?


Be able to trust yourself around food?


Make fast, easy, delicious and healthy meals that the whole family enjoys?


Have confidence that you’re on the right track to improve health and quality of life?


Potentially avoid taking medications or reduce dose and number of prescription drugs?

Our Why

Hi there I’m Briana Butler

the Creator of the wholesome Refine

I’m a registered dietitian with a passion for helping people reach their goals! I am and always will be about helping my clients break through barriers and become their best selves. With a clinical background and having seen hundreds of clients aiming to elevate their lives, nothing brings me more joy than being along for the ride to their ultimate success. But why this program you may ask… 

Over the years I have seen many friends and close family members struggle with their health, struggle with finding sustainable options, and struggle feeling isolated while achieving ZERO results! It truly hurt me to my soul when I would find out the extremes my loved ones were going to in order to get healthy, knowing there are better ways that include foods and habits that bring them joy. So I spent over a year developing a program that is inclusive, nutritious, realistic, and most importantly sustainable by embodying science-based nutrition principles, mindfulness, exercise, accountability and grace!

Wholesome Refine

The 4-pillar program that teaches you how to manage your health in an inclusive, enjoyable, and sustainable way!
Get Refined
Wholesome Refine

Learn about our Program Pillars!

Discover (assessment & Measures) + Re-wire

Our chance to take a deep dive into what you have done before, what you are doing now, and where you want to be. Your opportunity to lay it all out there. We will round this month out by completing in-depth lab work to “look under the hood” and unveil disease risk, sensitivities, and gut health status. Based on your assessment, data, and goals established in the prior month, I will personally break down the mountains we will need to conquer and provide you with tools to begin feeling better mentally and physically right away!

New Nourishment

Once we have you re-wired, it’s time to take a step forward in our strategy by implementing a personalized nutrition prescription that is tailored to you. We save this until the second pillar so that we can first clear the junk and then build on a fresh science-based foundation! Plus, this isn’t your ordinary meal plan, it’s everything you could have ever dreamed of!

Ride the wave + Adjustments

Contrary to popular belief, achieving long-term success the right way is not an easy journey. This is why during this pillar we teach you how to ride the wave of the journey, bust through plateaus, give you the confidence to stay true to the plan, and come out on top!

Assisted graduation

Our goal is to let you spread your wings and fly! But we won’t do so without providing support. We will discuss how to keep the momentum rolling in the right direction and provide you with access to our continuation program where you will receive fresh meal plans, have access to webinars and guest speakers, and more!

1:1 Program details

Now that you know what we will achieve. Let’s discuss what is included!

90-minute Initial Deep Dive session

Full in-depth, let it all out, initial nutrition assessment. This is our opportunity to review pertinent details such as nutrition history, lifestyle, habits, exercise regiments and more while identifying areas with room for nutritional improvement. We will discuss recommendations and co-develop actionable goals that are specific to you!

Biometric Testing

Deficiencies and sensitivities can play a significant role in the progress of our health. We use LEAP® testing and additional science-based biomarkers to ensure we are starting things out on a leveled playing field!

45-minute “Findings,” education, and Meal Plan breakdown session

There will be tests, quizzes, and analysis and you wil wonder… What does this mean?! Fear not, we will spend time discussing your results to ensure you are crystal clear on what they mean and how we will approach them through your personalized nutrition plan. 

five 20 minute Check-in Sessions

We don’t leave you hanging! We meet bi-weekly to see how you are progressing, answer any questions you have, and update recommendations as necessary. 

Eating Style Quiz

Ever want to know why you have some of the habits you have? Well, as a Wholesome Refine member, you will have access to our eating styles quiz which will give you insignt on why you eat the way you do and how to use your eating style to your advantage!

Personalized interactive meal plan

We create a plan that utilizes information from your dietitian about YOU including clinical findings, nutrient recommendations, dietary preferences, allergens, sensitivities, food preferences, and more. We provide your recommendations via app which comes equipped with recipes that you will love and will work for your goal and lifestyle! Our meal plans include full shopping lists and groceries may be purchased via app so they may be delivered to your doorstep. Adjustments can be made as often as necessary. Not a recipe person? We offer alternative meal plans to fit your needs!

Starter workout plan

One of the key components to better health is moving your body! The best part is that there is no one way to do it! This starter workout was co-developed by our in-house Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer and is great no matter what your level of experience is!

Messaging access throughout

Have some urgent questions or issues that came out of the blue? You will be able to message us during working hours and we will provide assistance with any thing from on-the-fly nutrition decision making to  miscellaneous nutrition support.

Daily Refine Reflective Journal

Remember when we said this was more than about nutrition? Well, we want to know how you are doing beyond what you are putting in your body. Your mental well being and your nutrition are not mutually exclusive, we believe the two work hand-in-hand and utilizing our reflective journal can help keep you on track!  

Discounted access to functional and nutrigenomic labs

Sometimes we need to dig a little deeper. Fortunately, we have access to testing that can help us with that. If necessary we can look into your hormone levels and even DNA to discover answers that cannot be found on the surface.

Wellness Resource Library

During our time together, we may feel that you need some extra support on topics that we discuss during our sessions. So, to be sure you are well equipped we have tons of handouts, infographics, and blogs available at your disposal!

Options for continued care

We will take as long as we need to be sure you can fly on your own. We have multiple options to continue our work together after the program has ended based on your personal needs and preferences!

Food journal with real-time nutrient analysis

Use our app to track what you are putting in your body through photos or traditional tracking and if you are curious about the make-up of your meal, the nutrient analysis is right there at the touch of a button. 

Refine Course & Facebook Group Access

You will receive monthly access to our 100% virtual four-week foundational nutrition course that is designed to help you navigate the world of nutrition misinformation. It includes videos, custom handouts, quizzes, exercises, recipes, articles, and more covering all things nutrition with new material being added regularly. Plus, you will have community! Who doesn’t love that?!

Discounts on pharmaceutical-grade supplements

With all of our clients we always preach a food first theory. However, we realize that sometime supplements may be desired or even necessary to help fill the gaps in our diets. But, not all suppplements are created equal ansd some are not even necessary. With our guidance, we can give sound recommendations on what will be the most helpful for you!

Power Welcome Pack

Sometimes getting a few new things can set the stage for change. This is a little of token of our appreciation to you for choosing to invest in yourself!

How do we measure progress

Your health is more is defined by more than your weight…

It is very common for our clients to come to us with an obsession over the numbers they see on the scale. While we support ones desire to feel good with how they look, it’s important to want it for the right reasons and know that it is not the only way to determine progress. Here are some things we use to help our clients assess the success of our time together.


Decreased anxiety around food and beyond


Improved blood lab values


Decreased bloating, cramping and constipation


decreased fatigue


confidence when preparing meals or eating out


Improved sleep quality


Improved body composition


Decreased inflammation, headaches, and muscle soreness


Improved fitness capabilities


Improved self confidence


Greater appreciation for your body and its uniqueness


Improved ability to hear and acknowledge hunger and fullness cues


Improved ability to recognize the purpose for food as it related to your personal journey


Reduced cravings and increased times of intentional mindful eating

Hear it from them

Client Love!

Join the others that have stepped away from dieting and still received lasting results….

“Good morning! great session yesterday. THANK YOU for challenging me and reinforcing so many things I know and have gotten away from [and] started to question. I have accepted the challenge!”


Coaching Client

“I loved how it kickstarted me in the right direction, I feel like I have developed really sustainable habits”


Coaching Client

“Your program is flawless. I loved every bit of it!”


Coaching Client

Diet Free & Non-traditional
Wholesome refine

The Wholesome Refine was created for you. We pride ourselves on food inclusivity! Gone are the days of weighing daily and extreme restrictions, getting healthy should not have to be isolating, harmful, or miserable!

We focus on adding individualizing a plan that is enjoyable, yet helps you reach your goals – no fads, no pills, just real sustainable nutrition.


the details

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The program is 3-months, however we have continuation programs in place to provide continued care as long as you need!

You talk about health, but can I lose weight?

Yes! Though we are weight neutral, meaning we believe health is not indicated by weight, we are not anti-weight loss if that is your desire. With that being said, as practitioners it is our duty to ensure we do not sacrifice your health for weight loss. Therefore, our approach will be balanced, inclusive, and sustainable – true Power Portions fashion.   

Do you take insurance?

We do not currently accept insurance, but we do accept HSA and FSA cards. Additionally, we can provide Superbill out-of-service provider documentation that you may submit to your insurance company to potentially receive reimbursement. Though many of our clients receive full reimbursement, it is not guaranteed and depends on your insurance provider. 

Can I expect to be put on an extremely low calorie diet?

No. What a relief right?!

Is this a quick weight loss program?

Nope! If you are looking for quick weight loss, we are not the company for you. We pride ourselves on sustainability, and like Rome, its not built in a day!

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