Sports Nutrition

Licensed professionals, performance testing, performance meal plans, and custom fresh meals created by athletes for athletes- because no one understands your journey as well as we do! 

Customized nutrition guidance

fueled for performance

Nothing can be more gratifying to an athlete than having everything you need to unlock greatness in one place!

Personalized performance nutrition
based on your unique athlete profile
Training Period Focused
specific food + supplement plan
for athletes, by athletes

Expert Performance Nutrition

Experience, athletes, complete comprehensive performance nutrition coaching.

Nutrition Assessment with bri

Together we identify performance goals, highlight areas for nutritional improvement, discuss personalized tips for maximizing training through nutrition!

  • Review diet & health history
  • Assess exercise routine
  • Discuss supplements
  • Develop nutrition strategy
  • Action plan for performance goals

performance lab kit

Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Scan
Non-invasive radiographic scan utilized to measure bone density, lean muscle mass and fat mass.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing
Testing provides precise measurement of calories needed for optimal health as well as for weight loss, maintenance or gain.

VO2  Max testing
Determine cardiorespiratory fitness that your body uses during intense or maximal incremental exercise.

Complete blood work to provide baseline health status information.

Supplement Analysis

Stay safe and eligible by knowing what you are putting in your body!

  • Review your current supplements for safety
  • Provide insight & supporting research
  • Education on safe supplement use
  • Recommend safe supplements options to aid in performance if desired

pro meal plan

Personalized meal plan specifically built to help you achieve goals through detailed guidance!

  • Exercise analysis breakdown
  • 24hr diet analysis breakdown
  • Provision of daily activity-specific caloric and macronutrient needs
    – Training days
    – Competition days
    – Functional movement days
    – Off days
    – Pre, during, and post-activity fueling recommendations
  • 5-day personalized sample menu
  • Hydration recommendations

follow up appointments

An opportunity to check-in on your progress!

  • Assess progress previous goals
  • Establish new goals
  • Tend to persistent issues
  • Readjustments recommendations if necessary

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roster to retired

Are you a retired athlete or considering retirement and trying to find your way nutritionally? Check out our 2-day course built specifically to help you champion the athlete afterlife and navigate your post-career nutrition!

Gym + Agent Partnerships

Looking for a licensed nutrition professional to provide science-based nutrition information to your team or gym members? Partner with us to enhance performance and edge out the competition! 

What trainers say…

“Power Portions was very professional. This was our first year providing a NFL combine and pro day training program. With all the pieces needed nutrition is top of priority. So we knew whoever we worked with had to have experience and the expertise to complete the tasks at hand. I highly recommend them to any one looking to meet their goals!”

-Dedrick Brooks Jr.

Owner, DB Performance Training 

performance nutrition blog

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