Power Performance

Helping you get a competitive edge and make the most of your career or training by spending less time piecing it together, and more time implementing an individualized performance nutrition plan that works. 



The Power Performance Program is built to bring you a customized performance nutrition strategy designed to increase availability, improve stamina, reduce recovery time, and ultimately give you the competitive edge to set yourself apart from the competition or set new PRs!

Does this sound familiar…


You fail to perform in training or games due to fatigue, injury, or discomfort!


You struggle with lack of focus during training or competitions. 


It is taking you too long to recover or you are sidelined more than you would like.


You realize you career or peak training window is small and you want to maximize NOW!


You are tired of spending money on unproven and ineffective performance treatments and products.


You are tired of piecing it together and need help finding your edge. 


You feel you are a few minor tweaks away from hitting stride. 


You want to be confident that you have done everything possible to extend your career or optimize your health and perform at a high level.

Photo of Pro Meal plan on a phone

There is a solution and we have the blueprint

Imagine feeling confident every time you lace up to perform because you have nailed down your performance nutrition strategy. Not sure what this looks like? Let me explain.  

Imagine feeling like you have enough energy to finish the way you start. How would it feel to wake up from a tough training and be ready to do it all over again, without hesitation!

Envision yourself reaching performance goals that you knew were possible but could never reach before. That’s the confidence we are talking about!  

Power Performance program Pillars 

Three Pillars to next level performance

Our Power Performance Program includes a three-step approach to ensure we leave no stone unturned in your performance nutrition journey. Here is what you can expect during our time together!

Personal Scouting report

This is where we do our research on you! We will complete some in-depth performance focused lab work, sweat testing, and more to see what the numbers say – because what is a scouting report without proof! Together, we will break down what has been stopping you from being great, and educate you on what we will do to take you to the next level, and why!

Custom Game Plan

Creation of your personalized plan based on the assessment, data, and goals established in the prior steps. Composed of seven different parts, we nail down your nutrition, hydration, and supplementation needs. It’s mapped out, it’s calculated, and all that is left is execution. Together we will configure every piece like a puzzle to create the perfect picture for you.

Implement & Modify

Your opportunity to put it into play with us by your side and accompanying custom metrics tracking because numbers don’t lie! If something is off in the game plan, do you stick with it or do you adjust? You adjust! Because you are human, things change, your body changes, and so do the seasons – we will make any plan adjustments needed once we have given the game plan a chance to play out a bit! 

1:1 Coaching Program Details

Here is a breakdown of all the awesome services and benefits that we have hand-picked to serve our performance community through our two-month program. To learn more about each service, just press the plus sign! 

75-minute Initial Deep Dive session

Just like when you first step foot in your new team’s facility or pre-season training for a physical – but it’s all about nutrition. Our chance to take a deep dive into what you have done before, what you are doing now, and where you want to be. Your opportunity to lay it all out there.

45-minute “Findings,” education, and Meal Plan breakdown session

 Ever had someone hand over the results to some tests you have done and not explain them? Not here. We will look at the results, explain and educate, and breakdown the personalized nutrition protocol we believe will take you to the next level!  

Two 20 minute Check-in Sessions

We don’t leave you hanging! We meet bi-weekly to see how you are progressing, answer any questions you have, and update recommendations as necessary. 

Biometric & Sweat testing

We like to take a look beneath the surface because there are many things that can hinder your performance that may only be seen at a microscopic level. So to be sure we leave no stone unturned, we will analyze your sweat and blood and use the results to provide more precise detail to your performance nutrition plan and care. 

7-Part Pro meal plan

Personalized meal plan specifically built to help achieve goals through detailed guidance according to the client’s specific caloric needs, activity level, and food preferences. The plan is hand-crafted based on exercise analysis, diet analysis, lab testing, and body composition when available. Each plan includes calorie and macronutrient suggestions, a recipe-free meal builder, a customized sample menu, hydration protocol, and supplement protocol. 

Messaging access throughout

Have some urgent questions or issues that came out of the blue? You will be able to message us during working hours and we will provide assistance with any thing from on-the-fly nutrition decision making to  miscellaneous nutrition support.

Daily performance symptoms journal

Tracking any symptoms that show up during training allows for us to assess for nutrient need adjustments so you feel good doing the sport you love. We make it easy for you to track these daily or during your most intense training depending on what you prefer.

Interactive Hydration tracker

Wondering how many ounces of fluids to drink after your training or competition? We make out hydration tracker readily available to ensure you stay well hydrated and make the most of your performance gains. 

Performance Resource Library

During our time together, we may feel that you need some extra support on topics that we discuss during our sessions. So, to be sure you are well equipped we have tons of handouts, infographics, and blogs available at your disposal! 

Options for continued care

Because we know the grid doesn’t stop after 8 weeks, we have multiple options to continue our work together after the program has ended based on your personal needs and preferences!

Food journal with real-time nutrient analysis

Use our app to track what you are putting in your body through photos or traditional tracking and if you are curious about the make-up of your meal, the nutrient analysis is right there at the touch of a button. 

Performance Nutrition Recipe eBook (Coming soon)

From pre-workout snacks to post-workout recovery smoothies, we have collected some of our favorite recipes that are perfect for busy athletes and sure to keep your body ready and your stomach happy!

Discounts on third-party tested performance supplements

We always preach a food first theory to our athletes. However, we realize that sometime supplements may be desired or even necessary to help fill the gaps in our diets. But we want to be sure its done safely with brands we trust and at a discounted price for our Power Family!


Take the guesswork out of your performance journey and allow us to help you take your career to the next level. There is no greater feeling than being at the top of your game from the inside out!

What you can expect

Performance improvements come in a variety of different ways! Based off what we have seen and what our clients report, here are just a FEW of results you can expect from investing in your craft from an internal level.


increase mental focus and stamina


Less time on the sidelines & faster recovery


New PR and Personal Bests


Sustained energy for more powerful training sessions and competitions


Know exactly how to fuel your body for training and competition


finding the confidence and edge you have been craving


save money on ineffective treatments and products


Improved strength and Power outputs


Reduced injury occurance

Let's do this!

Don’t wait any longer to receive the help you need to perform your best! Take advantage of our proven and science-backed program TODAY!

What They said…


Gym + Agent Partnerships

Looking for a licensed nutrition professional to provide science-based nutrition information to your team or gym members? Partner with us to enhance performance and edge out the competition! 

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