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Are you ready to take your performance or health to the next level, but tired of trying to figure it out on your own? We can help!

Countless athletes and clients struggling with poor performance or weight loss have come to us burnt out after having tried EVERYTHING to turn the page. Their struggles were not from lack of drive or passion but from the absence of real help that they could trust.

Here at Power Portions, we uniquely combine science, licensed professional expertise, accountability, and individualization to sustainably improve sports performance or conquer weight struggles!

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Brice Butler, NFL Wide Receiver

“No two athletes are the same, and Power Portions understands that. When it came down to drawing out the plan, it was all predicated to me and no one else. It was all about what I need to be at peak performance, not the next guy. And what was so striking is that the food tasted great! It wasn’t bland, it had lots of taste, and it still was healthy! If I can get a personal meal plan with great food as well, why not go with Power Portions?”


Kera Hill, Ultra Runner

“I really appreciated the attentiveness to detail Power Portions spent in reviewing my weekly activity levels and goals in order to create a 100% customized meal plan. The meal plan created for me has become a complete lifestyle change. I learned to optimize my nutrition for improved performance and quick recovery. The nutritional knowledge I gained from working with Power Portions was an integral part of my effort to reach my running goals and complete a 50 mile ultra marathon in 2019.”


Leo Johnson, Athlete Performance Trainer

“Power Portions is the most professional company I’ve worked with. The digital and virtual copy of their meal plans/packets are very clean, organized, and easy to understand. Love working with them!”


Ernest DeLosAngeles, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Stockton Kings

“I have worked with Briana for the past two seasons through the GSSI Sports Nutrition Consultation and Recovery Program for the G League. She has been an exceptional addition as an extension of our staff and has helped enhance our nutrition program. Briana’s athletic background has proven to beneficial in building rapport with our players and understanding the challenges they face as athletes. While working with our team, Briana has provided scientifically driven nutrition solutions based on sound principles, which has helped us be successful.”

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