Brice Butler

Wide Receiver, Dallas Cowboys

No two athletes are the same, and Power Portions understands that. When it came down to drawing out the plan, it was all predicated to me and no one else. It was all about what I need to be at peak performance, not the next guy. And what was so striking is that the food tasted great! It wasn’t bland, it had lots of taste, and it still was healthy! If I can get a personal meal plan with great food as well, why not go with Power Portions?


Jared Sullinger

Center-Forward, Toronto Raptors

I never experienced an organization that was so understanding of my needs and my focus. Everything was catered to me. It was all about what I can and cannot eat. It wasn’t a plan suited for other people. It was my individual plan, formatted for me, and nobody else. That’s why Power Portions is the way to go.


Barbara Turner

Guard, Hatay buyuksehir belediyesi spor klubu,
Turkish (Basketball) League

Power Portions was a great way for me to keep my body properly fueled while I was training twice a day at a very high level. While it was hard for me to get the proper meals in the beginning of the summer, I noticed a significant difference in endurance and training performance once I started eating the meal preps before and after my training. As a professional athlete, it is essential that you maintain a certain level of energy and shape in order to stay at the top of your game. To all professional athletes and aspiring professional athletes, I highly recommend Power Portions.